Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I know I said 8 pm yesterday, but I'm just too excited to wait!

Anyway, as I said yesterday, I have some big news! I have been in contact with Brent Dodge, author of the book "From Screen to Theme: A Guide to Disney Animated Film References Found Throughout the Walt Disney World Resort".  I am happy to announce that I am hosting a giveaway!  That's right.  I'm giving away a copy of the book!  This book is so fascinating and would be a great addition to any library, especially one of a future cast member!

Here's a little information on the book from its Facebook fan page:

"Working as a cast member in Fantasyland during the 2004 College Program a guest approached me about where he could find Peter Pan. I asked if he meant the attraction or character to which he responded, "What about every spot where I can find anything about Peter Pan?" After talking with the guest for about half an hour he pointed out that there should be a book that helps guests find these references.

A few months passed and the idea of the book came back to me while I was watching the Share a Dream Come True Parade. As the Aladdin float passed I realized that there were small figures of Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under in front of Aladdin. I began to play a game in my head where I'd try to find more references for these two films, but never thought of writing it down.

Four years later while watching Robin Hood I began to play the game once again in my home. I began to jot down the various references to Robin Hood and other films until I had about ten pages of notes. After looking into it, I realized that no one had ever written a book about the references found throughout the parks and a new hobby was born.

Almost a year and a half since watching Robin Hood I am proud to announce that my first book that focuses on Disney Animated Film References Found Throughout the Walt Disney World Resort is complete and in the final editing stages."

For more information on the book, please visit the From Screen to Theme website.

Here's how you participate:
1) Respond to this post with your first name, email address, and the correct answer to the trivia question.
2) Your name will be entered into a raffle to win the book.
3) The winner will be drawn at random on or around Wednesday, May 5th.
4) To gain an extra entry, you can link this entry to your blog and post the link in your comment.

And now, onto the trivia question!
Q: What year did the Walt Disney World Resort open?

Good luck!  :)


  1. 1971!

    I'm very excited for you to be able to do this. The book sounds awesome, and I'm definitely going to be purchasing it if I don't win. lol

  2. 1971 :D

    Disney is just so fun and exciting :D


  3. 197! woot woot!! Haha, am I allowed to enter if I'm your roommate??? haha Anyways, don't enter me a second time but I am going to refer people from my blog!!!

  4. 1971, Emily,!

  5. 1971!


    Good luck everyone!

  6. 1971....was just there last week :)

  7. 1971 ^_^


  8. )ct. 1st, 1971 was the grand opening.
    Oct. 25th, 1971 was the dedication day


  9. Yay you have more entries!!!!!

  10. 1971


    teamlouise at

  11. 1971!!!