Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fashion Friday:
The Disney Look!

Those of us preparing for the College Program know about the Disney Look.  Everything a person does while "on stage" is a reflection of Disney as a corporation, and as such, Disney has put in place a set of guidelines for Cast Members to follow.  I am going to do my best to summarize them.

Accessories, Hair, and Other Miscellaneous
+ Should be worn on outer-most layer of clothing
+ Should be worn on left shoulder area; should not be worn on lanyards, ties, hats, waistbands, or on shirt or blouse collars
+ Names shall be full, legal, first or middle name or a derivative of that name

Pins & Buttons
+ Cast Members have the option of wearing up to two approved pins on nametag; approved pins are most recent service pin, Partners in Excellence pin, 1971 opening team pin
+ Stickers or other decorations are not permitted
+ Up to two separate approved pins/buttons may be worn directly on costume

Company Identification Cards
+ Cast Members in costume must have their ID with them at all times but they do not need to wear it
+  Non-costumed Cast Members are required to visibly wear their ID in backstage areas at all times

+ Sunglasses should be avoided if possible
+ Sunglasses that allow your eyes to be seen are permitted but should be removed when engaging in extended interactions with a guest
+ Frames and lenses must be a neutral color

Body Alteration or Modification
+ No visible tattoos or piercings other than one hole in each ear
+ No spacers or retainers

Personal Hygiene
+ Heavy scents and fragrances are not permitted

Medical Restrictions/Religious Accomodation Requests
+ Must be presented to the Health Services Department with supporting medical documentation

+ Classic, easy to maintain style
+ Hair below shoulder length should be confined
+ Shaving of head or portion of head or eyebrows is not permitted
+ Artificial hair is permitted if it looks natural
+ A plain barrette, comb, or clip no larger than one inch is acceptable
+ All accessories must be neutral
+ No more than three barrettes or combs worn at once 
+ May not be worn as a decorative addition to the costume
+ No extremes in dyeing, bleaching or coloring

+ Applied in a blended manner and in colors complementary to skin tone

Cell Phones and Pagers
+ May not be worn or carried during work hours

The Costumed Look (What We Wear to Work)
+ Should be clean and neat at all times
+ Should be worn as designed

+ Should be kept clean
+ If polish is used, it should be complementary to skin tone
+ Charms or decals on fingernails are not permitted
+ Should not exceed one-fourth of an inch beyond the fingertip.
+ Rings, earrings, and business-style wristwatch permitted
+ Necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelet not permitted
+ earrings must be simple; one earring in each ear; post earrings may not exceed size of quarter; hoops must be smaller than a dime
+ One ring on each hand (exception being a wedding set) 

+ Depends on job

+ Underwear should not be seen through costume! 
+ Solid white crewneck or v-neck undershirt is permitted

The Business Look (What we wear to Disney functions that aren't necessarily work related)
For Women
+ Skirt or pants suit
+ Sweaters or blouses with slacks
+ Dresses (but not sundresses)
+ Business style walking shorts with a blouse and blazer or vest
+ Dockers and khakis if they are neatly pressed and appear professionally laundered

+ Hems for dresses/skirts must not exceed 3" above the top of the kneecap while standing
+ Kick pleats and slits in skirts must not exceed 5" above the middle of the knee
+ Shorts must end somewhere between the kneecap and 3" above
+ All pants must touch the bottom of the ankle

+ If you wear a skirt/dress, nylons or tights are mandatory

+ Up to two necklaces and two bracelets
+ One ring on each hand
+ One earring per ear
+ Scarves, watches, pins, and brooches are also permitted


+ Heels, flats, or boots in business taste
+ Sling-back, open-back, and peep-toe are permitted, but shoes can't have more than one of these features

For Men
+ Sweaters and short or long-sleeved dress shirts with slacks
+ Ties, sport-coats and suits may be required
+ Dockers and khakis if they are neatly pressed and appear professionally laundered

+ Lapel pins, collar bars, tie clips, cuff-links, rings, and business watches
+ Bracelets in gold, silver, or a color that blends with color; must be smaller than a half inch
+ One ring on each hand

+ "Dress shoes and socks in good business taste are required."

So, there are quite a few guidelines to follow when dressing for events.  I've chosen some looks that I like (mostly J Crew and Nordstroms).  Also, if you're looking for some other ideas, you should check out this blog.

Outfit on the right

Outfit on the left needs a cardigan, of course

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