Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey everyone! I know it's been a few days since I've done a proper update, but I just want you to know that I have been working on some pretty stellar things, one of them being tomorrow's Fashion Friday post. It's going to center around the Disney Look. Get excited!

I've been seeing a lot of my extended family recently, and as such, I've been telling them about the internship. I got most of the spiel down ("I'm going to be working as a member of the Quick Service Food and Beverage Team and studying business at Disney."), but I haven't really been able to explain what exactly I'm going to study. I realized that's because I haven't really researched it properly. So, without further ado, I present this entry about learning with a focus on the collegiate courses and Professional Development Studies. Keep in mind that there are various other learning experiences available to inters. These experiences will be explored in future blog posts.

Deciding what to take
+ Contact your college advisor for information on how to receive credits.
+ Registration for classes is upon arrival in Orlando.
+ When deciding on how many and what classes to take, keep in mind your work and social obligations.
+ The Disney College Program offers interns unique learning opportunities through collegiate courses, professional development studies, the Disney Exploration Series, and additional learning opportunities

+ If participants are enrolled in one of the Disney Education Courses, or have registered a distance learning course with our Education office, they will be scheduled 30 to 45 hours per week during non-peak periods.
+ Disney Education Courses do not meet during peak periods.
+ Sample schedule:

Collegiate Courses
Each of the Disney Collegiate Courses is focused around an area of
Walt Disney World Resort expertise and contains levels of academic rigor like the classes you take at your own college or university.

Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management
+ Prepares students to become entry-level managers in the hospitality industry
+ Exposes students to contemporary and complex operational issues and situations
+ Equips students with the ability to analyze problems and develop, propose and implement strategic solutions

Corporate Analysis
+ Provides an in-depth look at The Walt Disney Company
+ Covers a variety of topics including productivity, corporate culture and diversity & inclusion

Corporate Communication
+ Introduces students to the purpose and significance of communication within an organization at many levels
+ Teaches students both the why and how of communicative techniques

Creativity & Innovation: Gaining the Edge
+ Introduces students to the main theories of Creativity and Innovation
+ Teaches students various tools to promote creativity and increase innovation, how to contribute to a creative team, how to manage creativity and how to establish a culture of creativity within an organization.

Experiential Learning
+ Combines academic classroom education with on-site learning opportunities across the Walt Disney World Resort property
+ Study theories of adult education, experiential learning and the role of learning in a corporate environment

Human Resource Management
+ Provides an overview of fundamental human resource management in a corporate setting

Marketing You
+ Students learn how to market their skills of communication, customer service, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-management and creative thinking
+ Key elements include the development of a career focus and a personal marketing plan that encompasses the creation of a cover letter, résumé and networking strategy

Organizational Leadership
+ Analyzes the universal principles of leadership theory and their application within a personal and corporate environment
+ Designed to build repeatable and transferable leadership knowledge and skills

Professional Development Studies
These courses are major-specific. Enrollment is limited to students who have declared majors in these fields of study.

+ Professionals share real-world experiences in areas such as Transportation Maintenance, Ride & Show Engineering and Central Shops
+ Consists of eight sessions lasting two or three hours in length

Entertainment Show Production
+ Offers students majoring in performing arts, theater or show production an opportunity to explore how Walt Disney World Resort develops, implements and maintains their productions
+ Topics include Business Planning & Creative Investigation, Concept Development, Show Development, Production & Opening, and Operations
+ Consists of eight sessions lasting two to three hours in length.

+ Provides Business & Accounting students and opportunity to explore how specific organizational units are managed
+ Specific topics include Forecasting & Trend Analysis, Operating Labor Management, Operating & Capital Planning and Pro Forma Development
+ Consists of eight sessions lasting two to three hours in length.

+ Designed to engage students in the field of Security and how it is applied at the Walt Disney World Resort
+ Applicable majors for this program would include Criminal Justice, Criminology, Law Enforcement, Psychology, Sociology and Political Science
+ Topics include Fraud & Loss Prevention, Emergency Management and Incident Command
+ Consists of eight sessions lasting two to three hours in length.

+ The Walt Disney World Company does not charge tuition fees for collegiate courses
+ Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks and paying a materials fee

Textbooks & Course Materials
+ Course materials range from approximately $6 to $60 per course at the current time
+ Students will purchase their course materials through payroll deduction upon arrival
+ New texts cost from $18.95 to $125; however, students are welcome to purchase used textbooks from any outlet

My personal choices
What classes am I interested in taking? As a business student and aspiring entrepreneur, I am very much interested in Corporate Analysis, Creativity & Innovation: Gaining the Edge, Experiential Learning, Human Resource Management, and Finance. Obviously, I need to do some more thinking so that I can narrow the choices down a little bit further!

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