Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yesterday was Traditions, and it was a lot of fun!  My roommate and I got up at 5:45, got ready, and boarded the bus to Disney University at 6:45.  When we reached the University, we were divided into groups and placed into classrooms. Upon entering the classroom, we received our official Disney employee IDs.  We heard lectures about corporate culture, Disney's legacy, and giving back to the community.  We even got to walk through the Utilidor, Disney's system of tunnels under the Magic Kingdom (hint:  if you're taking Traditions, wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk!).  Sorry, no pictures--they're not allowed!  After our romp through Magic Kingdom, we returned to the classroom and had a visit from a very special guest:  none other than the star of the show himself, Mickey Mouse!  That's right, folks, THE Mickey Mouse!  He came to check on us and welcome us to the Disney family.  He also quizzed us on a few things, such as the Disney motto:  We create happiness!  I answered correctly, and Mickey gave me a special award (the Donald Duck figurine that you see above) and a huge mouse hug.  As he was leaving the room, he gave us all a very special present:  our name tags!  I'm so excited!

After Traditions, Michele and I went over to Magic Kingdom to bum around our new home.  We went on a few rides and scoped out the costumes on Main Street.  Now I'm even more excited!  After that, we met up with Michael and his group of friends at Hollywood Studios and saw Fantasmic!  It was a great day.

Today is Training Day 1 for me.  I have Food and Beverage Basics, so expect an update about that later!


  1. That figurine is adorable! Thanks for the post on Traditions. I can't wait to get there!!

    ~ Anna

  2. Where are you going to be working? I'm QSFB too, but I dont arrive til 8/11 :-(

  3. Vivianne, I'm working on Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom. I'm so excited! The costumes are so cute! :)

    Can't wait for you to get here!