Thursday, May 6, 2010

I got another question on my Formspring!

What are some things that you absolutely want to do while down in Florida?

I have quite a few things I want to do while in Florida. First and foremost, I want to take as many Disney business classes as I can. I also want to network a lot. As far as fun things are concerned, I want to see Captain EO, drink my way around the world at EPCOT, go to Seaworld, see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, go to the beach, see the Phillies play the Marlins in Miami, go to Howl at the Moon, go golfing, form an a cappella group and perform somewhere, do a photo shoot somewhere in the parks (I like to take pictures), audition for the Disney parks, and possibly take a cruise (hopefully a Disney one). I'm not sure if it's actually feasible to do all these things, but I'm sure going to try! :)

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