Wednesday, March 31, 2010

 Cinderella's Castle, 3/22/10

Hello, friends!  I just want you all to know that I got back safely from my trip to Walt Disney World.  I will probably write a much longer entry about it tomorrow because I am super exhausted right now, but I will say this:  I entered the Magic Kingdom on Monday and immediately started geeking out.  I remember distinctly thinking to myself, I don't ever want to go home.  And then it hit me.  After May 24th, I won't have to.  On this trip, I was truly able to explore Disney World from the perspective of someone who lives there.  That means I didn't run around like a crazy person trying to see every attraction.  There are rides that I missed.  But I was able to see all the tiny little details that make Walt Disney World such a magical place.  I was able to stand next to two small boys at Illuminations and watch the show through their eyes.  And it was amazing.  I cannot wait to be able to provide that experience to all the guests that will pass through Disney World over the course of my internship.

I will be sharing many, many of my pictures over the course of the next few weeks (I took almost 1,000--yikes!).  However, it will take me quite some time to figure out how to showcase them because I do not want to put more than five pictures in an entry.  Maybe I will do a review of each attraction that I saw and include the pictures that I took.

In addition to this, I will most likely be starting Fashion Fridays on this blog.  In these entries I will stylize a look based on something dealing with Disney:  a movie, an attraction, a theme park, whatever tickles my fancy.  It should prove to be interesting!

Well, this entry has gotten long enough.  I need to go to sleep.  See you in the am!

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